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Freshfields Arbitration Lecture 2013
Freshfields Arbitration Lecture 2013
The School of International Arbitration (SIA) at Queen Mary University of London has promoted the law and practice of international arbitration via its teaching and research since it was founded in 1985. As a result, more than 2,000 students from over 80 countries all over the world have graduated from the SIA and many others have been closely involved with our activities.
Arbitration graduates at QM Winter Graduation 2013
Arbitration graduates with Professor Loukas Mistelis at QM Winter Graduation 2013

The Alumni and Friends of the School of International Arbitration (AFSIA) was founded in June 2008 to allow our alumni to keep in touch with each other and the SIA, and to create an invaluable network of people involved in the field of arbitration at every level and across the world.

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If you have taken a course at the SIA, whether in London or Paris, as part of your LLM or otherwise, or have been closely involved with the SIA as part of one of the many teaching or research programmes, and you maintain an interest in arbitration, please join AFSIA.

Membership is free and requires only that you provide us with your full professional details, SIA Course(s) taken, year of study and programme via

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